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    T.I. – What It’s Come To [2021]


    Damn, man this is what it’s come to, mmm
    Shit, ain’t it fucked up?
    This is what it’s come to
    Damn, damn
    Man, I guess this is what it’s come to
    Shit, huh, huh

    [Verse 1]
    In the fire, I reside like the money do
    Niggas’ll try wearin’ wires at the rendezvous
    Don’t nothin’ kill niggas like needin’ money do
    For nothin’, peel niggas, you sweet as honey dew
    Ain’t never been ashamed to look off in the mirror
    At all my fears and imperfections, made ’em disappear, huh
    People weird, be projectin’ all they insecurities
    Whatever thеy said he did he did that shit, I’m fuckin’ sure of it, hеy
    Behind the foreign cars, clothes, and expensive jewelry
    I got a heart made of gold, motive be the purest
    And they say hell have no fury like a woman’s scorn
    Fuck that, I’m crankin’ up the jury, who you lyin’ on shawty?
    Extortion, is that what you got your mind on, shawty?
    Tell ’em, “Get it how you live, shawty, I ain’t goin’ for it”
    I’ma take it all away, every day of the week
    Bet you thought this shit was sweet and I would pay in a week
    And you could take this shit or leave it, I’m just sayin’ my piece
    Best look at all the traffic when you play in the street
    Go put your face and reputation on it
    These kinda claims deserve more than anonymous provocative conversations, don’t it?
    They say let’s hit him with the one-two
    You see how many other niggas this been done to?
    Speak for the people, all you did, we can undo
    Welcome to the COINTEL-PRO Part Two
    Damn, this is what it’s come to?

    Damn, man this is what it’s come to?
    Mmm, shit
    Ain’t it fucked up? This is what it’s come to
    Damn, man, ayy, ayy-ayy
    Man, I guess this is what it’s come to
    Haha, shit

    [Verse 2]
    Yachts on the Atlantic, please, let’s not misunderstand it
    I keep none against they will, if they leave, that’s they disadvantage
    Bitch, I’m above and beyond, Libra scales to set my key on
    Heebie Jeebie, be gone and see all the bullshit she on
    Approach me with that hoe shit, high step on that hoe like Deion
    I see chivalry and misogyny is quite adjacent obviously
    The object of the game is kill the king
    So ’til the blade meet my neck on the guillotine
    But I’ma be standin’ tall like a statue (Huh)
    Nigga fuck that, “He say, she say”
    If the receipts, say that shit ain’t factual
    I was built for all this shit, God sent me here with a mission
    That’s somethin’ can’t let no human or no demon interfere with
    In your feelings, can’t conceal it, broke your spirit tryna heal it
    That’s the real Atlanta
    Lot of rich white folks up in Buckhead wanna steal Atlanta
    Kill and destroy everything that feel Atlanta
    Fuck that, I’m still Atlanta
    Since Meech was puttin’ up billboards, facin’ double bodies
    And 12 was askin’ me about him, but I stayed solid
    They bust my house and found a gun, I was on probation
    All ’cause I wouldn’t participate in they investigation
    I went to jail for a year, height of my career
    But by the time I made it home, he got his case thrown out
    Told him then, “Maybe you should chill”
    He said, “Listen Tip, if ballin’ why they want me
    I’ma be ballin’ ’til they get me”
    Had to digest what he said, let it sit a minute
    Had to respect it, shit, like it or not at least he committed
    Willing to face whatever consequences for his vision
    While I’m up against some lyin’ ass bitches
    Damn, this is what it’s come to

    Damn, man, this is what it’s come to, mmm
    Ain’t it fucked up? This is what it’s come to
    Ayy, damn
    Man, I guess this is what it’s come to


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