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    T.I. feat. Ms Pat – The L.I.B.R.A. Introduction [2020]

    Ms PatT.I.

    [Intro: Ms. Pat & T.I.]
    The L.I.B.R.A
    I’m Ms. Pat from Fair Street Bottom
    Do you know how hard it is to have odds stacked against you
    And flip the scale in your favor?
    I flipped bricks and bitch niggas for what I got
    Fuck that shit, I learned how to cook cocaine
    Before I learned how to boil a egg, nigga
    I used to can cook a cocaine cake like a birthday cake
    Put a lil baking soda, then when we stepped on it
    With the comeback, boy, you really came the fuck up
    That’s how I got my first set of Jordan’s
    Fuck y’all laughin’ at? Hahaha
    Bein’ a legend is not about runnin’ the streets
    It’s about runnin’ your business (Yeah)
    Raisin’ kids or lacin’ wigs, a hustler never die, baby

    [Verse: T.I.]
    Okay, two six figures, solitaire, don’t play with mе
    Half a million on my necklace, spent it blatantly
    Evеn in this pandemic, nigga, goddamn it
    I’m like, “Well, F it, I’ma get one, why would I not wear it?”
    Now stop starin’, in Bel Air with a hot pair
    She suck it ’til it hard, then she squat there
    Ain’t got’ do shit, nigga, fuck how you feel, I do not care
    I been a mastermind since you was in a highchair
    I was a millionaire before you had a idea
    I keep my head on the swivel, peep the side mirror
    The penthouse, top floor, I reside there
    Mhm, everybody get it, that is my prayer
    But I know everyone can’t make it and it not fair
    It lonely at the top, but you can’t beat this view, I swear
    Ain’t no comparison, the thought is just embarrassin’
    Worth a hunnid and fifty now, I’m gon’ quadruple that
    Lil bit’, we control the culture, got the proof for that (Uh-huh)
    Activatin’ movements, I’m the truth at that
    Know how to multiply my assets, ain’t no stupid cat
    Every day I’m wakin’ up and doin’ deals
    Buyin’ when it low, when it get high, I sell
    If I go crazy, sorry, that just how I am
    Think I got post-traumatic stress for years of gettin’ active
    Paranoid, think everybody gunnin’ at me
    I could be slightly schizophrenic, but don’t nobody panic
    If you ain’t come up how I did, you wouldn’t understand it
    Hah, assaultin’ the police, I caught a case in Tampa
    I bonded out and did the show, act like it never happened
    When I look back on all that shit, I ain’t got no regret
    Just all the lessons, wouldn’t believe we really did that shit
    If I ain’t live it, stay true to you, you can make a killing
    Okay, listen, there business and there the bullshit, ain’t no fuckin’ feelings
    Uh-huh, spent a hunnid thousand at my fucking dentist
    Look, own a building, stop us at my fucking tenant
    Yeah, blow Viola Cannabis on some Atlanta shit
    Yeah, you hot, I’m a candlestick, put you on channel six
    Yeah, you can’t challenge this, rose above the challenges
    Tightrope walkin’ twenty years, I ain’t lost my balance yet
    Yeah, King, bitch

    [Outro: Ms. Pat]
    Twenty years and you still rockin’, nigga, ain’t nothin’ get old
    I don’t even see grey hairs on you
    What you usin’, Just for Men? Hahahaha
    Nigga, you my favorite motherfuckin’ rapper
    Now I wanted to suck Ice Cube’s titty, but I always liked you
    You ain’t sexy to me, that nigga Ice Cube is sexy
    But you my favorite motherfuckin’ rapper, TIP
    You the baddest motherfucker in Atlanta, I can tell you that

    Ms PatT.I.

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