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    Potter Payper – Trapstars Memoirs [2020]

    Potter Payper

    (Shit, Training day 3 I’m still training)
    Them handcuffs left scars, them years just sped passed
    Of a trapstars memoirs, I gave nan 10 large
    I drink Henny out the bottle that’s for my friends passed
    These big zoots get rarsed just to keep my head calm
    G I was growing up poor, I never had no stability
    With this training day trilogy Ima last for infinity
    This games full of liars and snitches its gimmickey
    But they could never question my Gangster I been a G
    I had breakfast at Tiffany’s, I came with a stick on me
    Watch like a brick on me, don’t play in the little leagues
    Used to get it from Primark now I get it from Italy
    Loafers with the shirt, big man ain’t no kidding me
    And I just wish em well for all the bad that they’re wishing me
    I got old friends dissing me I got old hoes missing me
    They never really loved you that’s all part of the trickery
    I guess I got bad karma off of selling this misery
    I’ma drug boss with a heart full of good deeds
    I can’t dwell on could be’s, what if’s and should be’s
    You don’t know what being broke and white in the hood means
    My life’s been a movie where they skip all the good scenes
    So I had to flip scripts and just re-write that
    Watch me kill em with success ‘cah I’ma G like that
    And I still smile through the stress ‘cah I know she likes that
    I told him slide with the spesh I had to greenlight that
    And I don’t sleep long enough for the dreams I have
    I put my life in the song and then rewind back
    I hope I live long enough to show the streets my back (2x)
    ‘Cah I got east end swagger I think I’m southside bad
    I got west end habits fam of course I trap
    I got a million cats who can co-sign that
    And it’s bulletproof love til you’re home my akh
    See I don’t slip or lack, I come in all black
    I don’t chit or chat
    That’s an anonymous driller, like the faceless man
    I smoke paper planes, I got paper plans
    I get paper cuts when I’m counting bands
    I said I get paper cuts when I’m counting bands
    I count it up like 21 dares, 3-6 in my prayers
    And when I dry cry who cares
    A man can’t be brave if he don’t have fears
    I’m going out like Tony at the top of the stairs
    I said a man can’t be brave if he don’t have fears
    I’m going out like Tony at the top of the stairs

    Potter Payper

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