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    NoCap – Surgery [2020]


    (Ayy bro, is that Jambo?)

    [Verse 1]
    Oh, what the fuck you mean, you ain’t heard of me?
    Stepped in the game and gave it surgery
    I told my mama I was sorry
    You don’t know half of my story
    Fuck all this fame, I want my privacy
    This for them young niggas, probably die up in that [?][0:42]
    Them words you said to me probably the only thing I can’t believe
    Too many niggas rattin’, I bought a trap and put it overseas
    The hood quarterback, I put my nigga up at wide receiver
    I trap right down the street from where my auntie live
    My bitch a stripper, I can’t die, I’ma throw this shit and live (Ayy)
    I just came home from the can, ’bout to buy another Benz
    I be so stuck, I’m booted up, this shit like Timberlands

    Came in the game, it was layin’ on the ground
    Put my hands in his chest, started pumpin’ up and down
    Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe
    Breathe, breathe

    [Verse 2]
    Ayy, I brought the game back
    I still would lay up with that bitch, she fucked my partner, I ain’t mad
    If the promoter ain’t got like fifty, it’s a no-show
    This for my young niggas who down at them corner stores
    It ain’t no safety no more
    ‘Fore Lil Top had signed a nigga, I was walkin’ with thirty-eight racks
    I was already pourin’ up eighths of purple ‘fore I talked to Lamar Jackson
    I was already walkin’ on the moon, high, before Michael Jackson
    I’ma get me a bitch, then I’ma buy her a body filled up with plastic
    She want extensions, I got extensions on all my guns
    You is the realest, I really think that you’re the one
    Cartier glasses see-through, it’s like I bought ’em for no reason
    I don’t promote violence, but I told him to leave his phone while he creepin’
    I’d hate to be the reason, he love God, but he gon’ keep sinnin’
    Young nigga end up dyin’, it ain’t his fault
    You can’t blame him, he just wanted cars with beats in ’em (Yeah)
    Damn, I hate bein’ famous, shackles on my wrist and ankles
    Gave you love and then you leave, all I wanted was a thank you
    This is for my gun slangers, this is for my gangbangers
    Jail’ll never make me better, time brought more anger


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