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    Lil Wayne – Lamar [2020]

    Lil Wayne

    [Intro: Lil Wayne]
    Come on

    [Hook 1: Lil Wayne]
    I spit that R.O.C, nothing but crack, bitch
    Get my cleats ’cause I’m running this rap shit
    Y’all know me, this ain’t nothing but practice
    I’m running the streets and I’m running this rap shit
    I got bars, OD, I been running this rap shit
    I run this bitch like I’m Lamar Jackson, uh

    [Verse: Lil Wayne]
    Takeover, the breaks over
    Hit yo’ breaks ’cause the race over, I’m the case closer
    Bust yo’ whole fucking face open, that’s a makeover
    Lean make every soda grape soda, purple taste golden
    Make me have my skaters skate over to your place soldier
    You a play soldiеr, you a snake, you a fake cobra
    You ain’t safe, havе the safe open, I need payola
    On yo’ knees, nigga where the keys? I’m like Beethoven
    It’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight, a pen to a test
    I bring the night to his sunlight and zen to her stress
    I bring the gun to a fist fight, the dick to her breast
    She want the cum on her tongue like it’s mint to her breath
    This is grown man BI, R.I.P B.I
    Nigga, you might be a CI, talkin’ to the FBI
    Big beast to the east-side, now she’s on my G5
    Fuck on her to some C5, cut on Funeral and she die
    Your reach ain’t long enough, yo’ peeps ain’t strong enough
    Yo’ beach ain’t warm enough
    You ain’t been in the throne
    ‘Cause the seat ain’t warm enough
    And nigga, I’m the only one
    I got the crown on, I’m the goat and you the pony, son
    Don’t let me do it to him Dunie ’cause I overdo it
    The choppa was too big for me, had to grow into it
    His stylist split his wig for me if I told her do it
    We hit his crib and broke into it, if it’s smoke, we blew it
    We don’t believe you, you need more people
    Ain’t shit sweet, boy, you need more Equal
    You ain’t runnin’ shit boy feed your Zzzquil
    All my niggas rich boy, clean no illegal
    Don’t let em gas you, like Tunechi reading Thrasher
    He won’t thrash you ’cause I’ll be glad to split your apple, I had to
    Stab you, chop you up in the bathroom so casual
    Then drop you off in front of a chapel with candles
    Detach you, body from soul
    I need a bigger body and soul, come out of my soul
    I made a way to the rockiest roads and highway patrol
    Full speed ahead clean the bread from the sloppiest joes
    I got it in the hot and the cold, the mud in the rain
    I stomach the pain, got more bloods than the blood in my veins
    I’m huntin’ the game, you guys ain’t fuckin with Wayne
    Ask your vibe ’cause she fuckin’ Lil Wayne, yeah

    [Hook 2: Lil Wayne]
    Nigga y’all know me, this ain’t nothin’ but practice
    OG, I been sonnin’ these bastards
    Double R no key got a button for that shit
    And if y’all don’t see, then I’m comin’ with graphics
    Nigga, war no peace, and I’m comin’ with caskets
    Screamin’ RIP to everyone in this rap shit
    Nigga, y’all so sweet and I’m nothing but nasty
    And I’m runnin’ this rap shit, nigga, Lamar Jackson, no ceilings

    [Outro: DJ Khaled]
    This is No Ceilings 3
    That’s right, Lil Wayne
    And be ready for I Am Not A Human Being 3
    The album coming 2021
    Another one

    Lil Wayne

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