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    Kehlani – Lexii’s Outro [2020]


    [Verse: Lexii]
    Too much envy in the air
    Jealousy over there, they energy hella weird
    Gotta keep a distance ’cause them bitches slippin’
    And when they do it every day, it turn to repetition
    You will not catch me slippin’, you will not catch me trippin’
    ‘Cause my grandma go through summer with no air conditioning
    So why the fuck would I let myself get in their position?
    I try to tell ’em, “Get it right,” but they don’t never listen
    So every time my bitches call about the same nigga, I answer it
    As bad as I wanna cancel it, I gotta have her back
    When she cryin’ until she past the shit, huh
    She always tryna get a glass to sip
    I told her, “This is life, you just gotta wake up and grasp the shit,” huh
    Ain’t got no time to make no accidents ’cause you gotta be passionate
    If you want something, you gotta go after it
    And that’s gon’ make you the baddest bitch ’cause ain’t nobody hand you shit
    Can’t nobody hold me back no more, huh
    Yeah, look, and can’t nobody hold me back no more
    I’ve been on the right track so far
    Don’t even be texting ’em back no more
    ‘Cause my mind on my money
    These niggas ain’t where it’s at no more
    I got that much, boy
    And you got too many boys in your crew
    You niggas got a lot of growin’ to do
    And you the oldest, you gotta be there to mold ’em into
    Something bigger, something better
    Problem with these egos now is everybody’s shootin’ free throws now
    Misery love company, don’t ever let these niggas keep you down
    Matter fact, don’t let ’em see you down
    ‘Cause if they see you down, they gon’ try to get up
    They gon’ know that you stuck, exactly what they want
    So even if you fuckin’ up, you gotta put on that front
    You gotta act like you’re on top, even if your shit sunk
    I know this what you want


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