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    Jonathan Traylor feat. Adrion Butler – For The Wild Ones [2020]

    Adrion ButlerJonathan Traylor

    This one’s for the wild ones
    This one’s for the loud ones
    This one’s for the warriors
    This one’s for the bold ones

    This is for the wild ones
    This is for the ones that won’t hold back a praise
    This is loud ones
    This is for the ones that will shout like they’re crazy
    This is for the warriors
    This is for the ones that will fight for His name
    This is for the bold ones
    This is for the ones that are not ashamed

    If you’re not ashamed just give Him some praise!

    Oh oooooh oh

    Oh ooooh oh
    All night, all day
    We praise, we praise

    This for the ones who ain’t scared to be wild
    When it gets tough u won’t throw in the towel
    So lift yo hands up now
    So lift yo hands up now
    And it ain’t no better timing than now
    Look at the darkness around us
    Stand up now
    Stand up now
    We don’t have time to be living in shame
    This world is dying in need of a change
    We are the wild ones, whooo
    When it gets dark we turn into a flame
    Heat Wave
    We can’t give the devil leeway
    So this ain’t the time to behave, ugh
    If you unashamed than give Him some praise

    We are not ashamed
    We are not afraid
    Cannot be contained
    We are not same

    Adrion ButlerJonathan Traylor

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