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    James JH Lee & Kevin Woo – Falling [2019]

    James JH LeeKevin Woo

    I’ve been looking for a way to make it easier
    Cause i can’t erase the voices in my head
    And i can’t forget the things i should’ve said

    I’ve been running away from you
    I’ve been going and going I don’t know how I got here
    I remember the things we’d do
    Playing over and over and over
    Is it over?

    Oh, I’m falling
    Back to where I started
    There’s something that you do to me
    You always get the best of me
    And every time I try to walk away
    I go back under

    I just feel like giving up
    My heart is caving in
    Try to feel you in my arms but it’s so cold
    I tell myself it’s gonna be alright
    I keep coming back every time
    Cause I know I need you by my side

    I’m going and going I don’t know how I got here
    Playing over and over in my head
    I’m going and going I’m trying to find my way
    So come back to me, I need you

    James JH LeeKevin Woo

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