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    J.I.D – Skegee [2021]


    (See the storm)
    Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, uh
    (Over there)
    Yeah-yeah, uh
    (Here it comes)
    Fuck, check, dawg

    [Verse 1]
    Take a chance, have faith, my lad
    You got all of the same tools all the greats have had
    Two eyes, two ears, one mouth, two hands
    You can watch, listen more than you speak, take advantage
    You peep all the karma that come with makin’ the cream
    The crop, full of demons providin’ you what you need
    They got, what’s your thing? Alcohol or the lean?
    Put the coke inside the weed, them niggas seasonin’ the greens
    Rap game turned from the slingers to the fiends
    But I’m in between, I mean
    I ain’t pickin’ teams, but I had a dream like King
    Fuckin’ on this pretty little bit-, queen, I mean
    Point me to the cheese, niggas talkin’ cream
    Park the car, I’m ’bout to part the seas
    And move a mountain for money, nothing keepin’ me
    From gettin’ to you, gettin’ to me, Marvin G, Tammi T
    But get your eyes cleaned for something you have never not, not seen

    Okay, well
    Prior to coming to Tuskegee (Uh)
    From high school I went to college here, then Tuskegee Institute
    While in college I had a professor that I really impressed with
    He got me interested into politics
    He was the first black (Uh) councilman in the city of Tuskegee (Check)

    [Verse 2]
    Take a chance, have faith, my lad
    You got all of the same tools all the greats have had
    Maybe lesser than that
    Way back when I was puttin’ on my football hat
    This institution came recruitin’ little Route for the stats
    They sat me in a room with my dad
    And it was cool but when they left I was glad
    And my pops was too, he said that’s good-ass parenting
    Reminding me ’bout that place that did them nigga experiments
    On them black people, sharecroppers, down in Alabama, damn
    It’s not that far from Atlanta, it was the 1930s
    They did them black folks dirty because a tan
    A man was not a man, nigga, your granny wasn’t grand
    A scam into the plan to go recruit a group of stupid niggas
    And shoot them up with syphilis instead of shoot-to-kill ’em
    That’s stupid different
    The lengths that y’all trip to catch a nigga slippin’ and for what?
    ‘Cause we look different? Ah, shit

    Everyone with knowledge of that study (Let us keep rockin’ this shit)
    Would be terrified
    But that study represents and demonstrated
    The inhumanity of man to mankind (Yeah, yeah, yeah, ah, fuck)
    I often say that

    [Verse 3]
    Take a chance, have faith, you in last place
    Take a stand but don’t take the stand for your man’s sake
    Just a dad tryna put some ham on a damn plate
    I’ll be damned, I don’t feed the fam’, nigga (Damn straight)
    Elbow rubs and handshakes
    From hands that tied ropes on necks in red states
    Another dead black-ass man, I need a damn break
    They never gave us a chance, I had to take it
    I need all the payments, for every day we suffered all the hatred
    I want my granny to shoot the hands with Nancy Reagan
    I want emancipation
    Standin’ naked at the auction with my dick out, hanging for reparations
    No matter how much I say it, they ain’t hearin’ my voice
    ‘Cause as long as them crackers payin’, you ain’t much of a choice
    And you can shoot a million Js, you’ll prolly never be Jordan
    Nigga ran for a million yards, you still forty acres short

    See the storm
    Over there
    Here it comes


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