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    Foals – Black Bull [2019]


    [Verse 1]
    I got to rip up the road
    I got two nights in a row
    Oh, we gon’ put on a show
    With a black bull in tow
    I’m in that holy ghost zone
    I got a trunk full of gold
    Don’t look at me like that
    Don’t look at me like this

    [Verse 2]
    Can you remember my name?
    I swear you’re all just the same
    Ooh, tu parlais Anglais?
    Can o’ Stella, fish fillet?
    In a foreshortened future
    I saw you drinking kombucha
    And it really don’t suit ya
    And I’m not the waiter

    We not playing around
    I got a black bull in town

    I call a wolf a wolf
    This for real, ain’t no spoof
    I’m breaking bones on the roof
    Who me? I’m not aloof
    Forsooth, for shame
    I done conquered where I came
    And I’m a world away
    ’Cause I’m a man of today

    He not playing around
    The black bull’s in town
    The black bull’s in town
    He not playin’ around


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