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    Declan McKenna – You Better Believe [2020]

    Declan McKenna

    [Verse 1]
    You’re gonna get yourself killed
    Before you can run
    Just ’cause you’ve got your own theme song
    “Fastest gun in the solar system”

    Don’t mean you’re alone
    It don’t mean you’re a home run
    Don’t mean that you’re holy
    Don’t mean you’re the only one
    To save us all

    Oh, you better believe

    [Verse 2]
    The time has come where rocket boots and lasers
    Lose their flavours like gum stuck to your heels
    So you know how it feels to wait at Heaven’s gate for God
    Watching your requiem on screen
    Gather ’round for the final scene
    Where you were sold away one summer’s day last year
    Oh, I’m sorry, my dear
    The asteroid’s here

    Oh, you used to speak your mind
    So jealous, but so kind
    But you did fall
    After all
    You used to speak in tongues
    That Jesus and his loved ones
    Would save us all
    Would save us all
    Save us all
    Save us all

    So you better believe
    You better believe
    You better believe
    You better believe

    We’re gonna get ourselves killed, oh yeah
    You’re going overboard, babe, you’re going nowhere
    Oh yeah, oh yeah
    We’re gonna get ourselves killed
    What do you think about the rocket I built?
    Is it so fast, so high speed?
    It’s just what you need
    We’re gonna get ourselves freed
    What do you think about the blood that I bleed?
    ‘Cause when I’m dead, you’ll break bread
    But it’s all in your head
    It’s all in your head
    It’s all in your head
    It’s all in your

    I’m off out to buy a bag of Quavers
    And Nike trainers
    Comfort you can feel
    And you know that it’s real because you saw it at the station
    God’s creation
    With a half off summer deal
    Na-na-na-na, na-na-na

    Declan McKenna

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