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    Cash Kidd – Kiddnapper [2020]

    Cash Kidd

    Bitch, I don’t need you, one slip-up, you fired (Damazin Beats)
    Count a sixty in her face to remind her
    She said money don’t impress her, she a liar
    But shit, fuck it, I was just gon’ try to buy her (Fuck it)
    Miss my head hunter, this one lame nigga wifed her
    I’m sick, I can’t lie, that neck was fire
    Hoes that was mean all the sudden got nicer
    Big thirty hangin’ on the pole like a flyer (Ayy)
    Racks in these Amiris got these bitches fittin’ tighter, huh
    Put a bag on your head like a hiker
    Shout out Swan, he a fool with that rider
    Testin’ cards, I just swiped my son a box of diapers
    Catch a body, then I’m stabbin’ off, Michael Myers (Skrrt)
    She suckin’ dick for hours, this might be an all-nighter (All night)
    You brag about shit I did as a minor (Lil’ nigga)
    On the road strapped up like a biker (I’m strapped)
    Tryna get in hoes’ head, I don’t wanna fuck ’em (Good)
    I know she don’t love me, she just wanna bubble
    Caught an opp, he tried to shake my hand, he ain’t want no trouble (Hah)
    Beat his goofy ass, I ain’t wanna bust him (Pussy)
    Yeah, I want the whole script, I don’t just want a couple (Get ’em all)
    And I know you middleman, now give your bro my number
    Five-six, know the meaning of this shit
    Gettin’ chauffeured, you can’t see me through the tint
    Fresh as dog shit and I ain’t even take a pic
    I apologize, I ain’t mean to take your bitch, huh (Sorry)
    Say when she leave me, she wish she could take my dick, ayy
    But she can’t even take my dick (Ayy), ayy
    She said, “Can we take a trip?” Yeah
    Do you got your L’s? Alright, bet, this gon’ be lit
    Make it back, we gon’ be rich, bet whatever on the six
    Happy birthday, know they wish that they could blow because I’m lit, ayy
    My dawg Rollie blew out like your bitch pussy
    These niggas hoes like they big sisters (Hoes)
    Love my Glock and her twin sister (I do)
    Bitch asked me where I been, told her gettin’ to it (Gettin’ to it)
    My dawg said I’m big G.O.A.T., not just with the music
    You can listen to these niggas, tell they been influenced
    Got the brain from a college fan, but the bitch was stupid
    Record label tryna take my soul, your bitch beat him to it
    Hah, you know good and well (You know goddamn well)
    They gon’ keep runnin’ in your people crib, all you rap about is juggs and scams, ayy, huh, ayy
    Just ate good off a ham, I’m ’bout full as hell, huh, ayy
    Forgot I was gettin’ head, this Netflix movie good as hell, huh, ayy
    And I punched that too, ayy
    If you ain’t gang, don’t trust me, I’ll jugg you (I will)
    Heard your dawg in the ‘spital, hope he pull through
    Your other mans ain’t make it, aww, boohoo (Aww)
    I’m sick about it, we was tryna whack you too
    He sick about every time he go on YouTube
    I’m sick I kinda miss it, she said, “I bet you do,” huh
    I’m thinkin’ now you got me on some kind of voodoo, huh
    I fix your problem with this tool since your screws loose
    These hoes y’all pay to fuck pay to fuck me
    Online shoppin’ with my bitch, she like, “Punch these” (I got these)
    Whacked a broke opp nigga, thought he had some money
    Until I punched the donation to his GoFundMe (Ayy)
    Bitch, knock it off, your nigga soft as hell, trust me (Ayy, trust me)
    Probably beat your ass at the crib, but he won’t touch me (At all)
    It be the ones hatin’ actin’ like they love me
    Ain’t givin’ passes like I ain’t have time to study
    But did my homework, whipped the stick out like I’m musty
    Red bottoms, killed the whole scene, brought a Chucky
    Thick bitch took a Percocet with her buddy
    Bitch, stop talkin’ me to death, come and suck me
    Balenciagas fat as hell, get your face stomped
    Put my brother on the show, I’ll take a pay cut
    Just jugged a lame tryna fit in with some fake Runtz, huh
    Said I don’t fuck with BB-dubs ’til I got ate up, huh
    Ayy, ran that shit up, huh
    Hit her on her work break, then bought that bitch lunch, huh
    If my cousin with the opps, then he can get slumped
    Big pump make a bitch jump like the hiccups
    In an opp hood gettin’ gas, I’m so comfortable
    I just slid in your bitch DMs, she so vulnerable
    Gettin’ cheese, I’m a card cracker like a Lunchable
    She pay me for the dick and she get spent, it’s not refundable
    Bitch, don’t look me in my eyes while I’m fuckin’ you
    I ain’t judgin’ you, but you a nat, ain’t tryna cum in you
    Gettin’ big bills off them pills like the Huxtables
    Ayy, bitch, ayy, get to actin’ dumb, huh
    One rapper, five sticks like a pack of gum, huh
    Pass ’em out to the team, get you whacked for nothin’
    I was gon’ stop her when I bust, but she was havin’ fun
    I open doors for these niggas like a snatch and run
    (I open doors for these niggas like a snatch and run)
    Up the pole, he thought we was finna catch the ones
    Lil’ bitch a kidnapper, she snatched my sons

    (Damazin Beats)

    Cash Kidd

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