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    Cash Kidd feat. Icewear Vezzo, Rio Da Yung OG, Lavi’er & Sterl Gotti – See You [2020]

    Cash KiddIcewear VezzoLavi’erRio Da Yung OGSterl Gotti

    [Intro: Sterl Gotti]
    Keep sticks like Django, uh
    And we got the same ho, you wasn’t slammin’ her right (JayGotThePlug)
    Sticks like Django, we ain’t gon’

    [Verse 1: Sterl Gotti & Cash Kidd]
    Yeah, we got the same ho, you wasn’t slammin’ her right
    Keep sticks like Django, we ain’t gon’ panic tonight
    I took his main ho, now I’m the man in her life
    I hit the same stores, I be jammin’ it right
    Ain’t have no chicken, I had to go hit the road with my team
    These niggas trippin’, they tryna beef over hoes with a chief
    My mama need it, my uncle stood by the store servin’ fiends
    Zack in his pocket and everyone know his pole in his jeans
    Bitch, I’m number one, it ain’t no top five
    Chicken in my pocket, ain’t no Popeyes
    Runnin’ with that bag, we gon’ chop thighs (You get it?)
    Started from the bottom, we on top now

    [Verse 2: Cash Kidd & Icewear Vezzo]
    Yeah, we got the same shit, but you wasn’t wearin’ it right
    Throw these Balencis on the wire once I wear ’em tonight
    Keep big thirty on me and I carry a knife
    ‘Cause all I do is win, they tryna air me like kites (You get it?)
    Niggas snitchin’ and the police stereotype
    Yeah, you a cool lil’ bitch, but I can’t marry your type
    She wanna suck my dick forever for the rest of her life
    I’m tryna give her neck a rest like she preparin’ for a flight
    Got a crib in Canton ’cause the area nice
    I’m barely there, but I watch the cameras every night
    One call on my celly device
    Now his heart got a dead beat like pops ain’t there in his life
    Boy, you ain’t no demon, you was very polite (So nice)
    Better keep it on you, I ain’t tellin’ you twice
    ‘Cause when I see you, when I, ayy, yeah, ayy, huh
    Yeah, since I stay on your mind
    Hope you got the Glock next time when I see you
    We gon’ see you (When I, when I, when I)
    Ayy, never know when you might walk by (Never know)
    So I gotta be right on time when I see you
    R.I.P., ooh
    And something now is taking over me, hah (What?)
    Ayy, devil on my shoulder (What?)
    Nina caught a body
    Sex trafficking, I sold her
    Nigga, you ain’t got no bodies
    I guess you a loner
    Swipe my bitch extensions, hey
    Your bitch want some closure
    I keep big cheese on me
    You can call me Joker
    Drank God, what?
    Hit him with extensions
    His mama want some closure (What?)

    [Verse 3: Icewear Vezzo]
    Yeah, take a nigga shit, he ain’t playin’ it right, ayy
    I’ll leave somethin’ like I ran the light, yeah (Iced Up Records)
    Colorblind, all I see is tan and white (Yeah)
    White sticks on, lookin’ like a pan of rice (Ugh)
    Pop a pill at my show, I’m in the VIP rollin’ (In the VIP, nigga)
    Every time them niggas die, we crack a seal open (Crack a seal open)
    K beam on the 40, I been real focused (Bah)
    Bad habit with this Glock, yeah, I’m a real smoker (Woo)
    Get him dropped for the free, he ain’t worth a band (Not a rack, nigga)
    Who you think put that nigga on that shirt you wearin’? (We did that)
    Why these niggas sneak diss when they on the ‘Gram? (Niggas hoes)
    When they see us, change shifts like workin’ man (Yeah)
    Ayy, got it out the mud, bitch, I worked my hand (Yeah)
    I won’t never let a fuck nigga hurt my plans (Uh-uh)
    Was in Miami when I learned how to work a Lam’ (Skrrt)
    Yeah, twenty chains on, do the Usher dance, huh (Dance)
    Got a record deal, now we on for real, huh (We up, nigga)
    I be in the ‘Raq gettin’ loads for real, yeah (Yeah)
    Look ’em in they eyes, niggas hoes for real, ayy (They pussy)
    Run a nigga’s sack like we on the field (Take that)
    Don’t never call me ’bout a ho, better check his bitch (Check that bitch)
    Wipe his nose like he sick, finna check his temp’
    Walked another nigga down, had to check my list (Down)
    AP bright as shit, nigga, check my wrist, ugh

    [Verse 4: Lavi’er]
    I treat hoes like they nothin’ (Fuck ’em), that’s what they did to me
    Don’t want you near they present ’til you lit like Christmas trees
    If ain’t nobody slidin’, shout out my nigga G (G Money)
    Dawg been gettin’ tortured for a lil’ shit he did to me (Hah)
    I can tell by they energy that these niggas frienemies
    Just thirty niggas, please, it’s six times ten of these
    Niggas better duck at least, don’t wanna get touched by these
    Try to be a soldier ’til you layin’ down, stuck at ease
    Big eyes with a gap and hoes on me like I’m SpongeBob
    Feel like yesterday, I was the poorest in that lunch line
    Free my pops, we just chopped it for the one time
    See, I could be a star, but they don’t wanna see your son shine
    Lame niggas makin’ threats ’cause I been gettin’ off (Pussy)
    Know my mans tryna catch ’em, I’ma pick ’em off
    The chopper really in the car, I ain’t Ricky Ross
    Wanna test me like a teacher ’til you gettin’ chalked

    [Verse 5: Rio Da Yung OG]
    Let me show y’all somethin’
    I took the blues in the stash all to blow y’all money
    I cooked it in the microwave ’cause the stove ain’t workin’
    Vez whippin’ up the pints on the four-eyed burner
    Ghost shot a nigga with a K, it had no light on it
    You hit that nigga in the dark? Bro, your eyes perfect
    Man, I wish you niggas would Karo my syrup
    I bet this 7.62 leave his gumbo stirred up
    My kids got more cash than y’all, and that’s on my mama
    Sterl, what these niggas on? I need bucks like Giannis
    Nigga shoot at me, I’ma get his whole world demolished
    Pop a nigga walkin’ out his crib and leave his porch polished
    You know I’m uppin’ heat when I see you
    Fiberglass on the pistol, this bitch see-through
    ‘Fore I pour the drank, I hit it raw and drink at least two
    If you could still find Act’, I wanna meet you
    You ever drunk a six, take it, fell asleep woke?
    Ever fucked a bag up and had to buy a G of dope?
    Tryna worry about what I got, well, you must be broke
    Damn near tricked a fed wearin’ this Louis V peacoat
    I put the city on my back, nigga, ask around
    Can’t come near me with no straps, Scoop pat him down
    It’s too late, I got the ups on you, don’t try to racket now
    I had to leave the drank alone, I kept blacking out
    Sorry, I’m aggressive off this Perc’, I can’t crack a smile
    I robbed a nigga with a, for a half a pound
    I got it from my grandaddy, the handle crackered out
    Bitch tryna argue, I just text back, “Laugh out loud”
    Street nigga in the meeting with some corporate people
    Bitch, I’m off an eight of Wock’, you a tortoise drinker
    Nigga robbed me, I took his life, we more than even
    Ran off on the plug with a bag, couldn’t afford to keep it
    Said some dumb shit like, “Just meet me Monday morning evening”
    That mean you ain’t gettin’ paid, nigga
    Gotta vote to get me knocked off ’cause I’m a made nigga
    Sweep a whole house up with this AR, I’m a maid, nigga

    [Outro: Rio Da Yung OG]
    Yeah, you get it?
    I’ll sweep that bitch out
    Five, six niggas at one time, nigga
    Hundred shots on this bitch
    Ghetto Boyz shit, nigga, you know what the fuck goin’ on
    810 shit
    Let’s get it

    Cash KiddIcewear VezzoLavi’erRio Da Yung OGSterl Gotti

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